Agile Misconceptions: Unlearn the Myths to Learn the Mindset

Practical Agilist
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There is no singular definition of agile and it is frequently misunderstood. Agile has come to mean many things to different people and is the ironic combination of being both hard to define and also being deceptively simple. In order to learn the agile mindset, behaviors and principles, you first need to unlearn these 21 agile misconceptions. This short book is dense with references to published authors and reputable agile sources of information to help you learn key concepts that will help your team become more agile. Designed for both agile team members and their managers to help dispel common misconceptions you may hear from your team members, your manager, and even your executives.

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Unlearn 21 Agile Misconceptions with this short book, dense with information. People and companies that struggle to adopt agile in their organizations are almost always struggling with some of these basics. To truly embrace agile, one must first be sure they no longer believe any of these 21 myths. Included are references to reputable authors and industry agilists that explain more thoroughly the concepts. Your purchase will also subscribe you to my infrequent Practical Agilist newsletter on agile transformation insights.

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